The Times They are a-changing


Everything is possible, always.

The year 2010, it has a magical ring to it. End of a decade or the start of a new one. As I mentioned previously, I’ve got good vibes about the year 2010. Maybe because I want it to be a good year, maybe because my vibes are very much in tune. Maybe it’s a combination of both. The older I get the more time tends to slip away into nothingness so I want to be (even more ;-)) efficient with my time. When it comes to learning Arabic I didn’t find 2009 and easy year. I reached a level within my studies where the more I (try to) know the more I realize how little I know and how much there is to learn. I hope in 2010 I will indeed (start) crack(ing) the code.

In the next year I want to travel a lot. See the rest of Egypt, the Middle East and perhaps other places if my schedule, my wallet and/or my good fortune allow it. I want to prepare for my life after graduation; more research, graduate fair here, presentation there and by summer/autumn 2010 start applying for those wonderfully competitive graduate schemes. And then, you can prepare and set goals but you never know what’s gonna happen and where you gonna end up.  All these so called graduate schemes and placements are developed by mainly large corporations and I’m not really a-large-corporation- kind-of fairy but then again I would love to work for the Beeb (who wouldn’t) and they are pretty massive I would say.

I hope in 2010 I’ll fi-na-lly find the key to unlimited power and energy and will fulfil my heart’s desire.

In 2010 I want to learn, love,  have fun and be happy and healthy. Quite a humble wish I would say…


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