Another Night over Egypt


It’s Thursday night, so I might as well go out. As tomorrow is jooma’, the day of gathering or – for working folk and school kids- the day off, people pour out onto the streets to have some fun. I’ve never been a big fan of the Saturday night out – and the Thursday is the Arabic equivalent- but let’s not be a bore. And I have to say that I had an unexpectedly fun night out last Saturday. I’ve been a boring twat for months now and although I like chilling in a coffee shop or at a friend’s place I’m not anticipating too much action. So on Saturday Anna and I were on or way to leafy, affluent Kafr Abdu to meet our friend Ahmed. Ahmed is a funny bloke and every foreigner in town knows him. He is a lawyer and doesn’t like his job. But this is Egypt, who cares about job satisfaction, it’s all about the moolah. His job does not seem to involve a lot of work outside office hours, which in Egypt is roughly between 9 and half past 1 Sunday to Thursday, as he is always, always, always up for some action and makes us students look like boring old farts. He calls asking us out at least a few times a week and we politely decline as we feel we have to study, do homework or need to be fresh for just another day of student life. And as there is really not that much action to get in good old Alex it doesn’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. But we went to Kafr Abdu that evening for a drink and something to eat knowing that Ahmed had big plans for the night and we were probably going to disappoint him. But it didn’t turn out to be the case. A friend of his, Omar, who works in Dubai a lot, was back in Alex for a few days and invited us over to his place for some drinks. His place in Alex is a room in his mum’s fancy Kafr abdu flat. His brother and a a friend were present as well and they are a pretty entertaining bunch. The atmosphere was really good and the boys were excellent hosts. We had some good conversations and a good laugh. Since Omar just got back to Alex he was very much in the mood for going out and catching up with some mates and as we were quite jolly and not ready for home yet we decided to trail along. We went to one of the few ‘clubs’ and drinking hubs in the city called Deja Vue. The interior is all black, fairly stylish, especially for Egyptian standards and it’s all table service. I had an absolute ball as I was rather intoxicated. It still occurred to me though, that I am residing in such a classist society. What would be considered as very normal middle class boys in Europe is the crème de la crop in Egypt and they are very different from ‘the rest’. They have good jobs, are well travelled, have loads of money especially for Egyptian standards, have female friends so they treat you as a human being rather than as bate and they’re gallant, charming and entertaining. And at Deja Vue, where we seemed to be the only expats that night, it was all ‘posh’ Egyptians easily spending an average month salary on drinks and food. And you know what, despite the ‘exclusivity’ it all was pretty lame. I am seriously wondering if (‘posh’) Egyptians know how to party. Maybe it’s the restriction of consuming intoxicating means. Although the booze flowed freely that night public drunkenness is not very much approved of as you can imagine in a predominantly muslim country and most definitely not for a woman. I am not asking for much, you know. Just good company, some good music and a drink or a smoke would be nice too. But it seems that all those ‘posh’ people especially the women, were not there for the fun of it. They were there to look good and stay cool. Obviously you’ve got those places all over the world. But where I’m from you can choose to go somewhere else. I feel for those ‘posh’ boys and girls. They’ve got all that money to spend and get relative lameness for it in return. I hope they have, like Omar, ‘funkier’ and more exciting places to escape to.


About Lemba

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