How to Kick a Super Power Out of the World Cup



As a nervous wreck I had set myself on front row again in my ‘second living room’ in Kafr Abdu. I had done some packing in the morning and was hoping to spectate the match of matches; the quarter final Holland- Brazil. I knew the sentiments back in Lowlands Country were upbeat but I myself wasn’t completely sure if the Boys of Orange were able to beat a throughout the tournament superb playing Brazil. From the very first minute both teams played with an eagerness and determination that was very pleasing to the eye. After 10 minutes a combination of a Dutch defence mistake and Brazilian virtuosity resulted in Robinho scoring a superb goal making it 1 to nil for the Samba Boys. The Boys of Orange played well during the first half with some excellent defending by goalie Stekelenburg and although no more goals were scored Brazil was clearly superior. After half time the Boys came back on the field with renewed spirit and Sneijder scored via the back of a Brazilian defender making it 1 all and we were back in the game. I abandoned my pessimistic view point and started believing that we could actually win this match. In the 68th minute a corner kick landed on Sneijder’s deliciously gifted forehead and his header made it 2-1. At that moment I, the stadium and probably the whole nation went absolutely mental. There were still a good 20 minutes to go and Brazil was fuelled with fighting spirit and displayed some dangerous actions but after 90 minutes and 3 minutes of additional time the score remained 2-1 and the Boys have shown that they are truly champion’s material. A few hours later I was due to board a taxi to Cairo airport to be leaving on a jet plane to -in my eyes- more civilized lands. The Orange victory has been the best leaving present I could wish for. We are the champions, my friend.


Wesley saves the day



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