The Fight For Food (and Knowledge) UK Style


As a few of you regular readers, bless you lot, might remember, about a year ago I shared my experience of a trip to a hyper market in Egypt which can be, despite all the abundance and pretentiousness , quite a struggle. Now, after hiding indoors for three days since snow has been coming like a gigantic subzero floodgate had been opened and supplies running out I really needed to get out to get some food and I discovered what the fight for food UK style can look like. So out I went to visit the nearest branch of the grocer where they sell ‘quality food honestly priced’ as the grocer,who states that ‘every little helps’, and I are having a divorce due to several reasons. After my year at the Med I’ve become a bit of a wuss when it comes to dealing with cold weather and wasn’t looking forward to getting out. But it wasn’t that cold and the world was surprisingly quiet and looked pretty in white. However our road wasn’t gritted and even when I hit the main road, it was slush all around making it virtually impossible to cycle. As my quality supermarket is a short bike ride away but just a tat too far to walk I decided to return to my old grocer, who resides slightly closer. A shopping trip that should have taken me around 45 minutes took two hours due to weather conditions and inappropriate foot gear for the occasion. When I finally returned from my epic journey , and had placed my newly bought food in cupboards and fridges (well, just one, a REALLY tiny one!) I needed to leave the mansion to drag my fairy *ss on inappropriate foot gear to the tube station to catch a lecture in squiggle language. Cycling sets you free and makes you spoiled. You tend to forget how quick, mobile and independent you are and that you always have a seat. When I arrived back home almost two hours after the lecture had finished I was thinking that something had to change. Buying new foot gear would be first on the list. Now, I hear you think; this fairy face is never satisfied. When she enjoyed fabulous weather and a fabulous lifestyle she was whining about her freedom as a woman and an individual. Now she’s got that all back, she whining about the weather! I believe that I and the rest of the country have the right to whine. The fourth(?) economy of the world, a so-called enlightened state, that believes they’ve got the right to wage war in the name of freedom and democracy, that condemns other nations for having nuclear weapons as only they and a few other ‘enlightened’ states are civilised enough to have them, has been forced to its squeaky knees because of a bit of ice water coming from the heavens. The dodgy state of Russia seems to have no problem keeping the country going with temperatures of minus 30 (Celsius). The humble and truly enlightened Scandis have no problem with subzero temperatures accompanied by snow. In ‘backwards’ Eastern Europe it is business has usual in icy conditions and in my native eeny-weeny-tiny-winy Lowlands country they know how to grit a road. Only in the UK a major airport has to close because of snow on the runway(?!). Only in the UK it seems that the majority of kids are forced to stay home during term time – not that they mind- due to the current weather conditions. Only in the UK major roads of the capital(!) are not gritted. Only in the UK rail traffic is in utter chaos and comes to a near standstill. Investing in a proper infrastructure that is able to deal with this b*llocks surely must be cheaper that the damage this chaos is doing to the economy. Enlightened, civilised country? My dark fairy *ss; Absolute f*cking disgrace!




About Lemba

Non-conformist Writing Soul and Language Geek from the Lowlands with a South London accent, currently living a nomadic, location- independent lifestyle. While executing the Big Fat Writing Plan I’m invading cyberspace with my views on 'expat living', travel and other lifestyle choices, current affairs and other randomness. Welcome to the Dark Fairy Zone.

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  1. you obviously weren’t back in the lowlands earlier this year, when we ran out of salt and the roads, trains just stopped running all together because the ns didn’t know how to handle all the snow and side walks were frozen solid with snow for weeks on end…

    or monday, when we had 800 km’s worth of traffic jams because of the new snow and some of my colleagues took 3 HOURS to get home. or this afternoon when the same thing happened…

    let’s just hope we don’t run out of salt this year and the ns does actually have a handle on things now like they promised (from the looks of it this morning, i ain’t so sure).

    the grass is always greener dear…

  2. Hi Miekster

    I indeed wasn’t. I guess eeny-weeny-tiny-winy Lowlands Country is not what it used to be, huh. And yeah the others always seem to have the better deal…. Time to get over it and move on…;-)

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