How To Bring Down a Mastadon


Extinct? Think again

We humans are weird animals. We aim to progress, develop and make things more advanced. We are also creatures of habit and like things to remain the same, resist change or believe that back-in-the-good-ol’-days everything was better. If you’re a news junkie like me, I’m sure you’ve heard about the story of Sian and the misogynists. For those of you who haven’t, Sian is a PA teacher and is doing rather well in the world of international football as a referee. She happens to be very good at her job and has proved to judge off-side far better than two senior reporters from Sky Sport with beer bellies, receding hairlines and egos far too big for their intellect. These two reporters in question dissed Sian and her ability to be an assistant referee purely on the basis of her being a women and stated that the world of football ‘had gone mad’, because the person on the sideline holding the flag doesn’t have a dick. And if you think that was a one-off of the football-loving and slightly retarded duo, you’re wrong. Offences like referring to a woman as ‘it’ and asking a female co-presenter to tuck in his shirt after the sound guy had placed a mic god-knows-where on-his sagging frame just before going on air, seem like peanuts after blurting out their opinion that ‘the lovely’ Karen Brady should stop whining when expressing her experience with sexism in football. ‘yeah, do us a favour, love’. How in your right mind can you diss the legendary first lady of football?! Is nothing sacred in this world? This is not ‘just a bit of banter’, this is pre-historic retardedness. Don’t these men have partners who are women, sisters, daughters and mothers? Haven’t they realised that this is the 21st century and talking about women in this fashion is not only very uncultured, but pretty uncool and makes you look like a total d*ck. Two mastadons are biting the dust as one has been sacked from his seven-figure-salary job and the other has resigned. The mighty sexist d*ckheads have fallen. They so had it coming.

Another individual who seems stuck in the Dark Ages is the Egyptian president Husni Mubarak. He is in his 80s and after three decades of authoritarianism passing as a democracy he hasn’t made up his mind whether to run for yet another term in the presidential elections to be held this year. Or whether to show he’s truly deluded, considering himself a monarch and groom his son for the job. After popular revolt in Tunisia the people of Egypt fi-na-ly got off their assess to actually show their discontent with the ruling regime. This is the moment you would think. However, those who usually tend to preach democracy and wage war in its name are embarrassingly timid in their support of a popular uprising and condemnation of the repressive regime . Egypt is a close ally to the US -after Israel the country is the largest recipient of US foreign aid- and regime change is not in the US interest. The question is in what way will the US form a obstruction to bringing down the North African mastadon called Mubarak and will they get away with it. Rioting seems contagious and let’s hope it will kill of the virus called oppression and heal the patients called the societies of the Middle East. I think we should all wish them luck in bringing down their dinosaurs.

image: Boris Lavdopudja


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