Revolt Like an Egyptian


For the last 9 days I have been glued to my computer screen -as we don’t have a telly- for the latest updates on MaSr. The unthinkable has happened and events are moving very fast. The political lethargy of the last 30 years has made room for a proper people’s lead revolution. Before yesterday I felt so proud of the Egyptian people; that they finally got off their assess and despite having little to no access to the internet and mobile phone communication being obstructed they have been able to get everyone out on the streets. Everyone as in EV-RY-ONE…! And this motley crew of young old, men, women, educated, falakheen, well-travelled, never-left-the neighbourhood, religious, secular, tame and hedonistic acted as one nation under a peaceful revolutionary groove. Although it wouldn’t be practical and this popular revolt is not my revolution I wanted to be there, witness how history unfolds and how my Masree mates make that story happen.


Then Mubarak spoke to the nation like a delusional old man and showed the nation and the world that he’s nothing more than a rotten scumbag when he let is mob loose on peaceful protesters. His aim is probably to create instability and make the nation and the rest of the world believe that they need him as a strong man to keep the country together. But Mubarak with his thuggish action has only proved that the situation becomes more unstable the longer he stays on. What is it with so many Third World leaders that they refuse to let go? Holding on like a child to a possession they have abused and wasn’t theirs in the first place. Why can’t they let go of their egos, show some real dignity and resign?


What is also telling is the west’s reaction to the events in MaSr. Stuck in between backing a pro-democracy movement and holding on to an ally that secures geo-politcal interests. If the Egyptian people will stage the transition process in the same manner as they have organised this peaceful revolution the country can reach for the stars. And it seems the fear of islamism and the Muslim brotherhood in particular is more a scary bedtime story made up by Mubarak to keep the people in Egypt and beyond in check; ‘you need me, otherwise the big, bad, muslim fundamentalist is gonna get you’. It is your moment ya MaSr. You sure can do it without Mubarak, a thousand times better.




image: Google stock


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