Eyes On The Price MaSree Style



TaHreer Square, Umm ad-Dunya (roarmagazine.wordpress.com)

TaHreer Square, Umm ad-Dunya (roarmagazine.wordpress.com)

After thirty years the people didn’t believe in it any more. Not sure what it was they used to believe in. Probably what a great nation they once were in a long forgone past. How they had influenced the arts, culture and academia in the region. Long before 1967 and -even more devastating- 1973. Before a president got killed and the inauguration of his successor marked the beginning of the end of hope. Before three decades had to pass for the new year 2011 to come. A year of big desires and very little hope. But there was this tiny nation within the region whose people were living under similar circumstances; political repression, high unemployment, rising costs of living and being incredible tired of it all. Within 28 days they got rid of their president through people’s power. As analysts predicted the revolt was like a virus spreading across the region. And those Egyptians more than tired with their regime, but considered too passive by many to do something about it, got infected and did what was deemed impossible; they got rid of their autocrat of thirty years. After scenes of intense jubilations, as if the country had won the World Cup for the next 50 years, the question now is, like it remains in Tunisia, what next? In this corner of the world and across the Atlantic people are holding hot debates about what the post-Mubarak era could and should look like. There is so much uncertainty; no real leaders within the opposition, no clear demands now that Mubarak has finally understood that it is indeed ‘game over’. One fears the Muslim Brotherhood and an Islamic State. Israel is bracing itself although probably not entirely sure for what. Other non-elected Arab leaders are wondering if the future of their autocratic rule is still just as bright as it seemed two months ago. But you, ya MaSr, you shouldn’t worry about what we in the outside world think. Our newspapers need to be filled with features on the current situation, our academics need to make their argument and diplomats are required to shift to a different gear. While you, ya MaSr, you do what you have to do; organise yourself to move through the next phase to become the country you want be, not what the rest of the world likes you to be. When you have big dreams and ambitions you shouldn’t pay attention to what the doom sayers are claiming. Just keep on pushing.




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