Tripoli Burning


And the Arab revolt continues. With all gone quiet on the Egyptian and Tunisian front- head of states have resigned but the very same people keep ruling the country- the focus shifted to the oil-rich sand box of Libya.

While the country has turned into utter chaos, in which the colonel turns against his own people, the British government has shown -yet again- to be terrible at crisis management. While the prime minister was touring the Gulf to sell some murder tools and the deputy prime minister on holiday, the foreign office has been terrible slow to react to the crisis and get fellow and sister Brits out of this mess. I am not a British national but would feel very ashamed if I were.

Not only Libya is in chaos. So is the world of western diplomacy. Both the US as well as the EU and the UN haven’t got a clue what to do or where to stand. After a period of rapprochement when western states were nice to Qadaffi to lure in those oil contracts and sell some weapons (yeah, the very same Qadaffi is using against his own people) it’s now sanctions and no-fly zones that are being considered- as if that’s gonna help- to keep this very same man in check. Diplomatic hypocrisy has indeed no boundaries. One can claim higher moral grounds by being democratic and liberal and therefore better and do business with autocratic states at the same time. One can even actively support these autocratic states arguing it’s either that or Muslim fundamentalism. One can fear and fight Muslim fundamentalism and be besties with Saudi, the most fundamentalist state of them all, at the same time.

When a region’s order seems to be turned upside down the inadequacy of diplomacy becomes painfully clear. I fully acknowledge the fact there needs to be a platform for countries to have relations with each other. The actors of that platform, however, do not seem to be able to be proactive but they wait until the shit hits the fan after which it takes weeks if not months to come to a plan of inaction. Diplomacy does not seem able to find the balance between interest and morality. Maybe it’s an idea if diplomacy came clear on this issue . ‘Cause after Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Iraq and all those other crises we’ve forgotten about not an awful seems to have changed. Maybe diplomacy is like war;


Wohoo, wohoo,wohoo-wow,

O, what is it good-a-for

Absolutely nothing!

Say it again!

image: Reuters


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  1. Diplomacy is a tool used by states to fulfill their interests. Morals, social ideas of ethical behavior, play no role in this as diplomacy does not occur between members of society and most of the time the deals brokered between states really are not meant to benefit the peons of society but statesmen. So, if you ever thought that diplomatic relationships were supposed to buttress the needs of regular citizens, then i can understand why you are disappointed. Diplomacy is about states. They depend on it so as to save money and energy recquired of war. If the gains outweight the costs, then great. But, if a few folks have to die (preferably not those who are citizens of one’s own country) as a result of diplomatic relations that have produced gains for both or one party, then so be it (not my particular belief, but my understanding of diplomacy as it is practiced by most states).

  2. Hi Biscuit

    Thanks very much for your comment. Diplomats might indeed act in the interest of statespeople only but if a country calls itself democratic this should not be the case. Statesmen and women are in place to represent the will of the people so unelected diplomats should act in the interest of the people. That might not be the reality but in my humble and perhaps naive opinion it should be. And if democratic/western states believe they operate on moral higher grounds they should practice what they preach.

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