Sandbox Confusion


So the boys and a few girls from the broad coalition have decided that in order to protect the Libyan people, Qadafi really needs to go. Such bright sparks these wonderful diplomats are. Meanwhile the opposition forces on the ground are not doing too well as Qadafi’s army is far better equipped than they are and the government forces seem to play a clever game by arming civilians and making troops appear like opposition forces so coalition pilots can’t tell the difference from the air. There is talk within the coalition of arming the opposition forces, which seems in my humble fairy opinion a very bad idea.

Then there is this key player from the Qadafi regime, with a name like a warrior king from distant lands, who has defected to the UK and all I do is wonder why. The regime might be more isolated than ever, but during the decades Qadafi has been in power the regime has been very much used to that. As long as the opposition forces are not being armed by an outside force- and even if they are- in the military sense, the regime has the upper hand. One of Qadafi’s sons, the one who deceived the LSE, is rumoured to have travelled to Mugabe-land to get some arms and perhaps mercenaries. Qadafi seems to have a loyal fan base – but this might be based on fear for retaliation or plain ignorance- and a very nasty secret service. Why would this man, Mousa Kousa, who has been at the heart of the regime, an architect of state terrorism, at home and abroad, why would he want to defect? Can it be that the man feels remorse all of the sudden? Or perhaps he is abandoning ship while he knows the sharks in the waters around him are not that dangerous. He probably knows he is of much more value to the UK and its allies than the other way around. And on a legal level, is it actually possible to build a case around him? The story goes that Mousa Kousa has been responsible for Libya to abandon its WMD programme and being accepted in the ‘civilised world’. Perhaps he’s just very clever and very opportunist. Let’s just hope that with his defection the regime is about to implode and the Libyans can sort this conflict out for themselves without any foreign force supplying them with arms. Cameron learnt his lesson from Bosnia and pushed for an intervention. Lets hope he has learnt other lessons about Iraq and Afghanistan during the 1980s too.

image: BBC


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