Back Without a Vengeance


Cross roads of life

This has been the longest cyber space silence in the young history of Dark Fairy Adventures. Particular reason? Dissertation madness, well-deserved Easter Holiday, exam mayhem… So, no particular reason, really.  It’s a bit like going back to gym or dance class after you haven’t been for a while; the longer it is you haven’t been the more difficult it gets to return.

Libya is still an issue, but does not really make headlines anymore. We had a period of freak weather around Easter -happy new life, by the way- and then DSK had to resign as head of the IMF due to rape charges – innocent until proven guilty they say, but if you ask me he is guilty as f*ck- and an opportunity for a woman to become head of IMF; hooray for the sisterhood.

In the mean time I am in the process of graduating. Dissertation has been written – well proud of that- exams have been sat and there is nothing I can do except for waiting for the results. Anna has moved out of the flat and her empty room is an odd entity in the residence. I am still in the process of looking for a flatmate- which is actually another non-reason for not touching in. The creepy thing is that it recently dawned on me that graduating in a degree in Arabic is not the end of the love-hate relationship. It’s the point of no return. It is like as if I have been carrying a fruit for four years, which has given me discomfort and frustration as well as a sort of enjoyment- call me a masochist- and now I am about to give birth to this fruit. If I abandon it, all the work of four years will be for nothing, so now I have to look after it and nurture it until the end of time…. Sh*t!

Now I am about to graduate I can finally bring the Big Fat Writing Plan into action, you’d think, as a felt restricted in time to execute the plan, while finalising a first class degree, insha allah, working 30 hours a week, having one’s beauty sleep and not much of a social life. Now I need readjusting to graduate life, find a new flatmate and deal with general bollocks like working 30 hours a week.

But the aim is and always has been the happily ever after; writing, being autonomous and making good money. And nurturing a thing called Arabic along the way. Welcome to the next phase. I’m sure I’ll be having a grand ol’ time.

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