Freaks of Corporate Nature Unite!


While the News International soap has developed into a true Greek tragedy, in which senior police figures resign, a whistleblower dies, no one really knew about anything and therefore no one has taken real responsibility (just yet) – Zeus made me (not) do it- Mr. Nice Guy has won in business.

Watching the Final of the Apprentice on ayPlayer after the winner had already been announced is a bit like watching a Champions League final after it has been broadcast and the whole world knows who’s won. So, before watching the Final Four go through the interview-sessions-from-hell I already knew Tom had won, much to my surprise and, I think, that of the rest of the nation. Although I find the Apprentice great entertainment it doesn’t portray business or entrepreneurial people in a very favourable light. They are either miserable old sods, cynical bastards, selfish, self-centred bitches and/or delusional twats, who are full of sh*t and in most cases have a rather boring sense of fashion. I am therefore so pleased that the ‘good guy’ won. Everyone loves Tom and everyone believed he wouldn’t last as he is considered ‘too nice’ and not enough of a shark. But miserable sod Sugar has chosen He-Who-Dares-To-Think-Outside-The-Box as his business partner. He is clever -although thinking Columbus was British and believing he invented (?!) the potato was beyond stupid, but all is forgiven as he’s deliciously geeky-, seems incredibly kind and lacks unnecessary pomp. I have aspiration to run my own show and although I believe Susan’s story is pretty f*cking remarkable, types like Jedi Jim with his manipulating ways and Natasha with her annoying manner of speaking and ‘bigging up’ her vocab make business people look like utter f*ckwits. I am sure entrepreneurs come in different shapes and forms. I wish we could see those who do not fit the mould a bit more rather than those corporate clones. To select candidates for the Apprentice who are all very pleasant and kind people probably doesn’t make good telly, but to be truly inspirational it would be o-so-pleasant to see people like Friendly Geek Tom and casual Innocent co-founder Richard Reed – who looks as tasty as his smoothies I dare say- to promote Mr/Ms Nice Guy/Gal in business. We, especially women, are often told ‘to be nice’. In my humble Dark Fairy opinion life is not about being nice, but about being a good and sincere person, to oneself and others. Go give, go get, be kind and show the corporates twats it’s not all about inflated egos. Dark Fairy has spoken.

Tasty Freak of Corporate Nature Innocent Co-Founder Richard Reed

Tasty Freak of Corporate Nature Innocent Co-Founder Richard Reed



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