The Stench of Summer


The City of Cities is smoking, smouldering and burning. For a second night I fell a sleep to the soundtrack of police sirens speeding up and down the main road and hovering helicopters. The death of one man has ignited the Summer of Great Discontent.

With the exception of skipping the occasional read light on my bike -how gangster am I- I am a law-abiding citizen and I couldn’t imagine myself looting or setting other people’s cars alight. One could say that the looters and rioters are an opportunistic, thuggish lot, whose behaviour has been described as ‘sheer criminality’. Criminality it is indeed. As criminal as the police failing to display some humanity and do a proper job. It is not just that family and community members had to find out about Mark Duggan’s death caused by police action through the media, and when they went to the police station to get some answers or at least a confirmation that what they read and heard was true, no one was available. It is at best dubious that the police fail to realise that public opinion is not in their favour as they haven’t been doing too well lately. It is indeed sheer criminality that the police have failed the public in consecutive affairs. We had the Mark Kennedy/ Stone affair revealing that the policing institution prefers to work in service of tax-evading money grabbing, ungreen fat cats rather than those who pay their wages; the ordinary tax payer. Then we have the Ian Tomlinson case. Thank f*ck this is the 21st century and mobile phone footage is available of the sheer criminality of pc Harwood’s action; a civil servant attacks defenceless citizens, who are exercising their right of freedom of speech or just plainly wanting to go home after a day’s work during a protest, as his day job like he is waging a front line war against the Taliban. Then the News of the World scandal revealed the sheer incompetence of the Met at best and at worst its corrupt tendencies. Meanwhile people die in police custody and nothing is investigated. After hundreds of thousands of students hitting the streets protesting against mass LibDem betrayal, hundreds of thousands of trade union members expressing their worry about government cuts while government-owned banks pay out record bonuses to incompetent bankers and with both an EU as well an American debt crisis, it is sheer criminality that politicians fail to see people’s frustration as the sh*t is about to hit the fan all over again. Ordinary people are not at fault but they’re the once who are paying. Meanwhile the police continue their role in this tragic farce by failing to anticipate the rising tension and protect people and property from looters and arsonists as it takes three nights of a capital burning for a mayor or prime-minister to return home from holiday to display some leadership. If politicians and the police refuse to come down from their ivory towers perhaps it’s high time we set those ivory towers alight. Dark Fairy has spoken.



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