Tell Us a Non-Story


I thought ‘Cucumber Time’ was over…

It is quite likely that the journalism profession is not held in very high esteem after the NOWT hacking scandal, which no one seems to be talking about anymore despite the revelation that James Murdorch was told about the stench I his organisation. Besides phone hacking scumbags there are those that feel they are operating on morally higher grounds and move heaven and earth to uncover the/ a truth and report on injustice in the world, which I believe is a very noble case. Then there are those who operate in a grey area and bother us with stories that are neither news worthy nor entertaining. As a self-proclaimed news junkie I often wonder what the function of news is and what news is in the first place. In my job as a media analyst I came across this article in the Evening Standard and I wonder if the Evening Standard knows the answers to these questions.

Yes,giving birth to your first child is a great event in a person’s life  and yes, moving house can be a stressful affair. I do not believe that this couple is by any means unique in their experience even if the move to their ‘dream house’ seems to be fraud with complication. There are children in this world dying of hunger so it would be rather healthy to put things into perspective. Secondly, these squatters, portrayed as the scum of the earth, seem like one-dimensional characters from a bad cartoon and very little is explained about their actions. How did they get there? Was the property empty for a long time? If yes why? If these ‘scum bags’ have indeed occupied your house illegally, why on earth would you offer them money to leave your property? And do you think that less than 50 quid per scum bag is really going to do the trick?  The police can’t do anything. You know what Dark Fairy thinks about the effectiveness of the police, but let’s not go there all over again. Then a quote of one of the squatters is true icing on this non-story cake. So, these scumbags are foul-mouthed creative hippies in their twenties, who come from the West Country and are seizing the day by getting up early, playing loud music and getting in touch with their higher selves. Am I honestly to believe that this West-Country squatter is telling Mr. Owner to bugger off and then informs him about the programme for the day?!

Recent riots, continuing global economic uncertainty accompanied by job losses, rising prices, first-time-buyer crisis, the Middle East in turmoil, rising tuition fees, child poverty, human rights abuse, Rugby World Cup, US Open – too bad Rafa ;-(, Victoria Beckham’s latest outfit, which I do not wish to have and I have to feel sorry for the London middle classes, not because they have become the squeezed middle, but because they are affluent and pregnant and can’t move into their dream home in West Hampstead because of a bunch of squatting kids? Forget phone hacking. Immoral behaviour at least gave us highly entertaining stories. This is not a news story. This is bad journalism that fails to properly inform or entertain. Yet another blow to the profession.

top image: the Guardian

image below:

…Perhaps it’s catching up with us


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