To Light, Compassion and Wisdom


While the dawn of a another Hippy New Year is approaching Jesus would be turning in his grave, if he hadn’t resurrected according to Christian teaching, if he were to witness St. Paul’s Cathedral’s cowardly behaviour towards the encampment on its doorstep. As a regular reader you would know my stance on the execution of democracy and one doesn’t have to be a leftist, non-conforming, liberal Dark Fairy hippy to see that the government and capitalist forces are by no means operating in our interest assuming you are part of ‘the 99 percent’. While the majority of us remain ‘squeezed’ executive pay of FTSE 100 companies has gone up by 50 percent. What do you mean operating in a parallel universe… Although I believe it is a good thing that people are expressing their dissatisfaction in the form of setting up a camp in the City I still don’t know what to make of it all. I find the commitment and the smoothness of operation of the camp admirable. Yet on the other hand I find the lack of clearly targeted demands and actions rather frustrating. Initially the protesters got St. Paul’s blessing, but not for long. The Cathedral closed its doors citing health and safety issues caused by the encampment. At first I thought it was quite uncool of the camp to obstruct a house of worship, a beautiful landmark and a tourist attraction in its workings. However St. Paul’s reopened its doors a week or so later. The camp is still there so it seems this health and safety warning, issued by the Cathedral’s itself and not by a government body that concerns itself with these matters, is a bit of a b*llocks story. Now St. Paul’s has decided to take legal actions to remove the camp from its grounds, which has led to the resignation of the Cathedral’s canon chancellor and a chaplain. The protesters say they are not going anywhere. If the encampment is on land belonging to St Paul’s then the Cathedral is in its legal right to remove an unwanted settlement. The point is that St. Paul’s is not any old land owner. This land owner is the Church of England, an authority on ethics and morals. An authority whose doctrine wants to teach us about forgiveness, compassion and supporting the meek. There are plenty of examples to illustrate that systems of religion often act against their own teachings and this whole affair is not particular good PR for the Church. In a way it is good PR for the protesters now this issue has turned into a legal circus and the media is likely to stay on top of it. It might also lead to even more woolliness in action as the camp has to focus on their legal case rather than on the social issue they came to protest against in the first place.

This whole affair is likely to drag on for months and we might forget about it just like any other piece of news. As the eve is upon us to remember those who passed over we are to rid ourselves of the baggage that is holding us back. We prepare the soil to plant seeds of goodness so we may harvest wisdom and prosperity. We may all ask ourselves: What would Jesus do?

Blessed Samhain

Samhain Sabbath



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