Can Real Civilisation Please Stand Up?


After months of bloodshed it seems that that spineless organisation called the Arab League is finally waking up from its comatose slumber concerning it stance on the situation in Syria and has called for action and sanctions. Meanwhile Syria seems to be sliding off into a civil-war like situation. In Egypt elections are planned for the end of the month and some, the liberal would-be Europeans, are not that confident about the outcome. The country is to islamise they say, which means their playground is to become a lot smaller. For them and for Western tourists and Western regimes that is a real shame, but if that is what the people of Egypt want, then that is what the people should get.

While the Region is getting to grips with the democratic process, Europe seems to be travelling in the opposite direction with the excuse that drastic times call for drastic measures. Elected leaders are being forced to resign and are being replaced by non-elected technocrats. It seems a true enigma to me why in f*cked up times you would call in the help of those that are mainly to blame for creating the f*cked up situation in the first place. The Western fear of the democratic process in the Arab world not producing the results that will be of benefit combined with the casting aside of the democratic process in Europe in the name of economic necessity makes the whole concept of people’s rule ring as hollow as ever.

It also makes me wonder; what exactly is a ‘civilised’ state? We can blame the mess in the Arab world and in other regions of the globe on colonialism, neo-imperalism or the incapability of the indigenous people to govern. Yet how civilised is Europe if one particular industry can f*ck up so badly it is taking governments hostage and brings about not only an economic, but also a fiscal and political crisis not seen in generations? How civilised is Europe if it claims it needs to be undemocratic in the name of efficiency and stability? How civilised is Europe if sections of the press seem to have no morals yet have tremendous power and influence? How civilised is Europe if pitching tents in protest of inequality is considered a nuisance even by the Church? I guess a civilised state is a state that makes its uncivilisation look good. I hope that both the Arab world as well as Europe can solve their crises and bring it back to an order that not only looks good, but feels good for its people too.


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