Muslim Wrath Resurrected


Muslim wrath has reared it’s rather ugly head yet again on a global scale this week due to a short film made in California demeaning the prophet Mohammed and the religion of Islam. US embassies across the globe have been attacked costing the lives of a US ambassador and other staff. The wave of anger sweeping across the Muslim world does not seem to diminish as British and German embassies have also been attacked and Dark Fairy is very much lost in culture translation.

The film that has unleashed so much anger and violence is a 14 minute piece of sh*t called the Innocence of Muslims made by someone who uses the name Sam Bacile. It is understandable that muslims consider the film blasphemous as the prophet is depicted (Haraam in itself) as a rather daft, blood-thirsty, egotistical male specimen who prefers to bed minors, and the holy book as verses made-up by humans rather than divinely inspired prose. Although you could argue this piece of work incites religious hatred, that’s not the main reason why it’s sh*t. Sam Bacile must go down in history as the worst film maker ever, whose work has been seen and continues be seen by millions of people across the world. His film is badly written, dubiously acted, the art direction and photography is terrible (blue screen, obviously fake beards) and the editing could by no means save this tragic mess.

Apparently the film was posted on you tube several months ago and only around the anniversary of 9/11 the sh*t was to hit the religious fan when zealots brought the Innocence of Muslims to the wider attention of the Umma and the rest of the world. The Dark Fairy question is; what is the agenda? Why does the Muslim world want to give so much attention and direct so much negative energy to something that is of such inferior quality it should be thrown of the tallest cliff rather than to be made viral by the means of 21st century technology? Why did zealots wait until 9/11 to unleash their wrath, making their actions appear terribly premeditated? Why are US and other embassies attacked? This is not a government-sponsored piece of tribe. What might be a justified display of anger to the muslim eye is a frightening display of religious senselessness to the non-muslim world. If some white supremacist organisation would make a film of similar non-quality arguing that dark fairies are inferior, would I go mental? Probably. Of laughter. Why would I be insulted by someone’s terribly flawed argument presented in a form that clearly shows off the makers’ retartedness?

All I can think of is that those zealots deliberately inciting muslim anger over a piece of tripe on a date  filled with symbolism want war. They want the ‘clash of civilisation’, the ‘battle of ideas’. They haven’t forgotten about the Battle of Vienna and will use any obscure produce no one sane endorses as proof that the whole non-muslim world is against the Umma and war is more than justified. Forget the war on terror. People of the world of every (non-)religion unite. Stop the zealots, stop hatred of the religious and the secular kind. And above all stop terrible ‘art’ going viral and unleashing such disproportioned anger.

image: bbc


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