Furious Fairy Retarded Church


I am a person of faith and I am very interested in the way people practice faith in whichever shape or form. I don’t call myself a religious person as I have no faith in belief systems. I can be in awe of buildings established in the name of god, however, the rituals that go on inside them are rather peculiar to the non-religious eye, making it rather evident in my opinion that religion is very much a man-made construction around divine power. It became quite apparent, that Christianity, like the other Big Two Judaism and Islam, is very much man-mad rather than human-made when the ordination of female bishops in the Church of England was rejected in the latest Synod Vote. In order for the motion to pass a two-third majority was needed and I believe it was a close call. Yet, a stubborn minority consisting of men and women, believe that woman should not have authority over man.

Women won the right to vote almost 100 years ago. It’s been several decades since women are allowed to hold capital, open a bank account or make a large purchase without the permission of their father or husband. The UK saw its first female head of government more than thirty years ago. In the 21st century women run enterprises from small companies to multinationals. It’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex and in wider society no one in their right mind believes women are not able to hold positions of authority just based on their gender. Yet, the Church of England seem to think that it doesn’t have to be in step with the views of wider society. It believes it may and perhaps should operate in some sort of retarded parallel universe, where being gay is still considered a mental illness and women should be subjects and followers, not leaders because there are indications of this in what they consider holy writing, penned down a few millennia ago in an entirely different region of the world.

The Holy Scripture is a fabulous collection of books which understandably gives inspiration and guidance to millions of people. Because of its collective nature, the Bible is full of contradicting verses and whatever one’s conviction, there will be a verse to back up one’s belief. Using the word of god, and therefore god themselves as a justification that women should not have a position of higher authority within the Church, although almost all seem to agree that women have the ability to do so, makes the belief system called the Church of England fundamentally unequal. In no other realm of society would this opposition against female authority be accepted by law. Why should the man-made system of religion be exempt from the human-made laws of the country? The Church’s Supreme Governor, the Queen, is a woman(!) and the institution is intrinsically linked to the British Constitution as any resolution needs to be passed by both Houses of Parliaments. The Church of England has done itself and religion in general no favours with its most retarded stance. People should indeed be free to believe what they wish, even if these beliefs seem backward in the eyes of the general population. If these beliefs affect public life, the laws of the land should be of greater authority and the Church of England should be forced to allow the ordination of female bishops in line with the Equality Act. Someone needs to tell those mastodons we arrived in the 21st century quite some time ago.
top image:Kay Goldsworthy,bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Perth, Australia. Karenruimy.com


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