Pedal Power and the Art of Resilience



Although I might sound like I was reared in the Sexy South of our fabulous town, when it comes to my daily commute and getting around in general I wear my Dutchness on my sleeve; think bike all the way, come rain come shine, day or night. Besides it being quick it appeals to my occasionally stingy nature as public transport is not only a bore, it cost far more than pedal power. The sky needs to fall on our heads – or roads not having been gritted at sub-zero temperature and being dangerously icy and/or slushy- for me to resort to public transport. But yesterday I just had it. Half way through my daily commute the strong icy, wind touched a certain nerve. I abandoned the road, parked my two-wheeled monster and continued the journey by public transport.

Winter is rather reluctant to make way for more spring-like weather as half the nation is emerged in snow and most areas suffer from what feels like sub-zero temperatures. It has been three years since I spent winter at the African Med and the notion of a winter with temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius has been squatting my mindset ever since and has little inclination of vacating. I’m telling you, I’m truly suffering. I was wondering whether not being willing to pedal come rain- come shine anymore has something to do with ‘growing up’, like you might get fed up with the backpacking experience after a certain age. Or maybe I can no longer ignore what effect the weather has on my constitution. As human animals we bear the sun and warmth scarcity of winter as there is the promise of waxing light and increasing temperatures a few months later. We no longer expect politicians to put their money where their pre-election mouth is, but if nature fails to deliver on its promises I, as a Dark Fairy creature, am quite at loss. Nature seems rather spooked out and global weather patterns are going cuckoo all over the place. Am I truly supposed to remain unaffected?

Then there is the economic climate which affects some more than others. Despite having limited my news diet considerably it’s not always easy to escape the economic doom and gloom.

Adversity, minor or major, is a pain in the ass to say the least. Within most belief system it is taken as true that adversity is to strengthen us and make us better people.

For quite a while I have had the desire to spend winter in warmer climates. This desire was reinforced when I got a taste of pleasant winter weather during my time at the Med. In the meantime ‘life got in the way’ while I didn’t stop whining about naff winters and unconvincing springs and summers.  Yet, if my pedal power and especially my mental resilience can no longer beat the weather it’s a sign that enough is enough. Something’s gotta give, something needs to change. I am to stop whining and work on Project Winter Escape. From this Project I am to draw energy and resilience; while I might be suffering now I am working on a brighter future which I am soon to enjoy. Adversity might be in our lives to strengthen us, it also might gives us that extra push for change. By lack of sunshine, warmer temperatures and upbeat economic news let us make provisions and practice resilience. Devise your own escape plan, either physically or mentally and let’s pedal on.

Project Winter Escapefiets bikini

woman on beach


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