There is no business like show business

21NeverMindDemocracy.pngThere used to be a time when I loved trashy magazines. Those with all the celebrity gossip; who lost half their body weight, who gained it, who is divorcing who and who is considered the best and worst dressed at such-and-such event. I was fully aware it was all bollocks, it was just my form of entertainment. As a woman-of-the-world one is not supposed to like trashy magazines as they are, well, trashy, but I didn´t really care. For a woman of the world the skill is to enjoy discussing Plato´s theory of forms,  the political situation in the Middle East, and the latest Z-lister´s boob job.But a while ago I ´found out´ that trashy magazines are actually not that groovy after all. If one needs other people´s weight loss or gain, appearance, weddings and funerals to be entertained, maybe, just maybe that is a sign that one doesn´t have much of a life of one´s own. If one was to spend that energy on something truly inspiring and informative, surely the world would be a better place. But that might just be put too simplistically.
  There used to be a time when I loved politics and current affairs. It is pretty much the same as those trashy magazines, only seemingly more sophisticated. They don´t call politics showbiz for ugly people for nothing. I considered it to be important to know what is going on in the world. To be informed and not to be ignorant, because ignorance might be bliss it can also be rather retarded. But as an International Relations graduate and recovered news junkie I seem to have gone the other way. The news, from whichever source, is by no means objective and we can only be informed about something which “they” want us to be informed about. What about all that is happening that doesn´t reach the news. Is it less important just because it doesn’t make headlines?
  Last week elections for the European Parliament have been held across the Continent. In the UK, there is such an entity as the United Kingdom Independence Party or UKIP for short, which is an anti-EU and anti-immigration party. Despite the effort of the media to portray the party and her leader Nigel Farage as a non-entity only closet racists and other losers will vote for, the party won the largest part of the vote, which in the first-past-the-post two-and-a-half party system of the UK, in which either of the two large parties, Labour or the Conservatives, ´win´ an election, is no mean feat.  It´s that extraordinary that it hasn´t happened in more than a century.The UK is not the only European country in which the electorate has voted in significant numbers for anti-EU and right-leaning or extremist parties. What can we gather from these events in terms of the state of European politics? One could gather that:
•    The people of Europe are dissatisfied and/or fed up with their current rulers and voted out of protest for more marginalised parties.
•    If less than 50% of the European electorate has cast their vote members of the European Parliament might not really have a mandate
•    In principle the people can´t really be trusted with their ´democratic responsibilities´. There is trouble in paradise and before you know it they vote for parties the mainstream consider a threat to the status quo and (their idea of) stability
•    Elections for the European Parliament might not really be a an exercise in democracy as the Parliament does not have the right of legislative initiative – which is the right to propose new laws- like a ´real´ parliament and the true power lies with the unelected European Commission.
•    If a majority of the European electorate couldn´t be bothered to vote and a large part of the minority that could be bothered voted for anti-EU parties the marriage between the European Project and its citizens doesn´t seem that rosy.
   In this light I would like to argue that politics, just like ´regular´ showbiz is a charade put on to keep us entertained and distract us from what really goes on behind the scenes. And perhaps, just like with the trashy magazines I shouldn´t  bother. However, I´m not entirely abandoning my interest in showbiz,  whether it´s politics or Hollywood. The issue is, that just like with the trashy magazines I don´t take the trash at face value- I mean, how do they know that such-and-such lost two stone (= ca. 13kg) in a month? Did they weigh her before and after?- I won´t take the showbiz for ugly people at face value either. As in the last few years it has become quite evident (to me) that that sort of showbiz (too) is not by us for us. But by “them” solely for “themselves” not giving a shit about us the people. So it´s not about what is happening on stage in the limelight. It´s about what´s happening back stage and what the director- and who the fuck is he/she?- really wants to present to the people. In other words, what is the agenda of what we see on stage.
  So, consume that showbiz produce, just be sharp and don´t believe the hype.

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Non-conformist Writing Soul and Language Geek from the Lowlands with a South London accent, currently living a nomadic, location- independent lifestyle. While executing the Big Fat Writing Plan I’m invading cyberspace with my views on 'expat living', travel and other lifestyle choices, current affairs and other randomness. Welcome to the Dark Fairy Zone.

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