ISIS: New and Improved Islamist Threat


terror_dees-320x269Only a week and a bit ago, all I had on my mind was footie, but a looming deadline for a gig and some peculiar actions in the Middle East made me refocus. Since a  few weeks an entity called ISIS, which allegedly is a militant islamist organisation, seemingly having appeared out of nowhere, has been hitting the headlines. Apparently it is running a campaign of terror in Iraq and Iraqi Prime Minister El Maliki and his government have asked for American support to deal with this threat. The US government has committed to sending military advisors, yet President Obama insist the country won’t send any combat troops. Despite it all sounding terribly frightening an imminent I also find it terribly fishy.

The name ISIS is said to stand for Islamist State in Iraq and the Levant- which makes ISIL rather than ISIS, but let´s not be anal here- and allegedly is a collective of islamist insurgent factions. It is a rather peculiar name as Iraq is part of the Levant – It´s like saying: the free state of the Netherlands and the Benelux- so they just could have called themselves ISL, but somehow that wasn´t chosen. ISIS has a rather dense Wikipedia page in English, of which the fast majority of footnotes directly referring to ISIS are less than a month old. The Wikipedia page in Arabic is far less informative, barely contains any footnotes and the ones that are accessible seem to be a direct translations from English language news stories. Besides the Wikipedia page and news  articles, all repeating each other, there is little to no other information to be found online. Furthermore, this group seems to be running a very organised marketing campaign, which would be the envy of many a new company or organisation: apparently it has developed fancy apps one can downloaded – to do what with I have no idea- and well-designed images and promo videos in English have been produced to further its cause. O, and then its military power is such that the Iraqi government needs western assistance to deal with this threat. So, a very young organisation (less than a month old), with an excellent marketing, PR and design department addressing the masses in English, despite being islamist and from the Arab World, has been able to build up such military power the Iraqi government is calling upon the Americans for help. There might be a first time for anything, but quite frankly, I’m not having any if this bollocks. I and many with me fell for it once a bit more than a decade ago.

Great atrocities happen on 11 September 2001 in the US of A, when the mighty American air defence wasn’t able to intercept four allegedly hijacked planes. Two of these planes flew into massive skyscrapers in Manhattan, which, against the law of science, both collapsed in free fall after they had been burning for a few hours. Another plane flew into the Pentagon exactly in the wing a few biliion dollar went missing as was announced the day before. Yet, no evidence of a plane crashing into the building in the form of cctv  or other images has ever been published. The fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania to be swallowed up by the ground. Within hours the US government blamed a tall Saudi man with a beard called Osama Bin Laden, considered head of an organisation labeled Al Qaida, which was a collection of fighters paid by the CIA to scare away the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Osama´s family is extremely wealthy and has close ties with the Bush family – yeah, the one that produced two presidents- and other hot shots in the US. Osama Bin Laden denied responsibility for the attacks, yet, less than a month later military action was launched in Afghanistan as Osama son of Laden was allegedly hiding in a cave there. Talking of a swift response. It took more than a year, however, for the US government to start the inquiry into what is referred to as 9/11, so it was clearly a case of shoot first, ask questions later. A not so-well-known fact is that Osama was seriously ill at the time and was receiving treatment for kidney failure. Several Arab newspapers reported that he died in 2002, but I guess that is just a minor detail.

Within 5 weeks after the campaign was launched the seriously retarded Taliban regime, which then controlled Afghanistan, was chased out of the capital Kabul. Yet, the mightiest army in the world wasn’t able to find a tall man with a beard in a cave. Less than a year later in 2002 the then- US defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stated that intelligence had revealed that Saddam Hussein had strong links with Al Qaida and massive piles of weapons of mass destruction. Saddam and his Ba´ath party had ruled Iraq with authoritarian and strictly secular rule for decades, yet all of the sudden Saddam, had links with and islamist group for no apparent reason. Never mind the logic; the US was going to kick his ass as well. The UN didn’t give its mandate, but Bush and his crew didn´t care and they, together with their lapdog Tony Bliar went to war anyway. They got rid of Saddam in a matter of weeks. As the strong man was gone and US and British forces thought it wise to undo Iraqi society from any Ba’ath party influence the shit was really hitting the fan and despite democratic elections the country has been unstable and very violent ever since. As you might remember the massive stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction were never found. Officially the US government withdrew all its troops at the end of 2013, although it still has Marine Embassy Guards and private military contractors deployed.

In 2011 the US decided to kill off phantom boogie man Osama bin Laden and the story goes that he was executed by navy seals, who raided his compound in Pakistan and his body was buried at sea. No solid evidence to prove that these events truly took place have ever been released, however.

So just to recap: the official 9/11 story contains a lot of holes and with the speed the blame was laid at the phantom organisation of Al Qaida and troops were deployed in Afghanistan knowing straight away where the boogie man was residing, it seems the US government had at least some insight knowledge of the atrocious events that happened that September day in 2001. As Al Qaida never really existed  links between Saddam Hussein and the phantom organisation were imaginary as well, just like those scary biological and chemical weapons. Osama is no more and seemingly Al Qaida is no more so apparently one is in need of another islamist boogie man to keep the people fearful.

I now have to believe that within the region of the Levant, which was destablised by western forces, there is this very powerful islamist militia, which carries the name of the Ancient-Egyptian mother goddess, coming out of absolutely nowhere, with great military power and a solid and flashy marketing campaign recruiting fighters with promo material in English rather than Arabic, that for some unexplained reason forms a threat to the West. So now the US and UK have another excuse to increase their military spending,  further erode civil liberties, increase mass surveillance and above all keep the people fearful. I bought all that shit once, but I’m having it no more. It’s not ISIS one needs to fear. Be very afraid of the forces that brought ISIS into existence.


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