Things that make you go “ugh!” (and go for independence)


cameron eton messIt has been a year since I made my Malta Move and as good and exciting as  it felt in the beginning the better and the more exciting it is now. I´ve managed to provide myself with a better quality of life and I believe that is quite a present to give oneself. My money here goes a lot (I mean A  LOT) further, the summers are long and proper, filled with plenty of entertainment, and besides all that I got to know some groovy people. But I´m very blessed; I tend to meet groovy people wherever I go. There are a few minor cons, but the pros by far outweighs those contras. The improvements are not only related to matters like weather, money and people. It also seems that the ruling classes of Great Britain, the country I ´fled´ from, make it more and more obvious that there really isn´t a vision – I´m sure there is one, but probably one, we, the people are not allowed to know- and that there is not much care for the needs and wants of the people. Most of my friends in the UK lead happy and fabulous lives, yet recent political developments by no means make me feel home sick.

First, the banking scandals keep on hitting us – gold price rigging by HSBC, RBS mortgage advice fraud-to the extent that people are no longer surprised. And still many a banker has the audacity to say the public has to stop the banker bashing. What do you mean out of touch?! The British people have been indoctrinated that the financial sector is good for the country and prior to 2008 that indeed seemed the case. But after massive boom came an even greater bust the earlier mentioned ongoing banking scandals clearly illustrate that the financial sector hasn´t got the interest of the people at heart, if it had a heart in the first place. When Cameron says protecting the financial sector is protecting  Britain´s national interest, he is basically saying that the national interest is not the interest of the people. The sector might provide many jobs and make a lot of money created out of thin air, but it´s not the people who are profiting from those billions generating. The trickle- down effect is a fallacy. Those financial institutions make nice tax deals with HRMC (UK tax collecting agency) and that tiny bit of  tax paid is spent on tax breaks for wealthy people or waging war in countries the UK has absolutely no business. New regulations and newly created institutions like the Financial Conduct Authority are to give the people the idea that the sector is reforming, but it´s business as usual and that massive bust of 2008 could and probably will happen again. So Don´t believe the hype.

No wonder quite a few Scots want to leave the union and if I lived in Scotland I would totally go for independence. Scottish first minister Alex Salmond doesn´t seem to have given the Scottish post-union economic structure and monetary policy much thought as his ideas on this matter seem a tat too simplistic and vague. But that doesn´t mean others haven´t given it a thought, as the independence movement is bigger than Salmond, or that Scotland wouldn´t be able to be a prosperous nation on its own accord. If Scotland is going to vote in favour of independence in a couple of weeks´ time, the million dollar question is: how truly independent will an independent Scotland be? Is there a nation on this earth that is truly by the people for the people? It doesn´t even have to be by the people, as long as it is for the people. Switzerland with her system of almost direct democracy might come close in comparison to the nations, that keep on invading other nations to ´spread democracy´, yet make a tragic farce of their own democracies back home: a fraction of the electorate chooses which individuals the vast majority get shafted by.

Talking of invading other countries, it seems the UK and the US are dead keen – literally that is- to ´return´ to Iraq and the wider region – not that they have been away-  although they are playing it cool. Isis, which apparently has changed its name to IS, is causing death and utter destruction in the region and Yes-We-Can-Scam-The-People Obama talks about the collective as if they were a bunch of naughty school boys that have destroyed the White House´s  flower beds. While IS or whatever the fuck their name will be tomorrow, has explicitly stated that they want to create an Islamic state in the Levant, which includes the state of Israel, the state of Israel, normally very vocal when it claims to be under attack, has been awfully and suspiciously quiet about the matter. Now, a couple of weeks ago a video was released in which an IS fighter with a British accent brutally murders an American journalist, who had been taken hostage, and all of the sudden the UK and US governments talk of a threat to national security. Why and how is not clear, but Prime Minister Cameron comes back from holiday- something he failed to do when London Town suffered from riots for several days  in the summer  of 2012- and apparently both US and UK governments are working hard to uncover the identity of this fighter, how is entirely unclear. Muslim kids from Western countries have been fighting in conflict areas with muslim populations for decades (Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq,) and this is all old news to MI5, MI6 and other security services. Yet, the scaremongering has begun and now we all have to be terribly scared of a terrorist attack, because there is a video of a guy with a British accent killing an American citizen. And now very recently it seems a second ‘IS beheading video’ has been released. Why are the frauds called the US and UK governments not at all interested in who is so very generously funding the beast called IS and remove this so-called terror threat in that way? Incompetence? Really?

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Scottish flag


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