Autumnal Adjusting


autumnAutumn has hit the Rock, which I all find a tad confusing. Those leisurely days of summer, when the main issues were which party and/ or beach gathering to attend and if there were enough supplies of intoxicating means, are over. And then the weather does confusing things. One day it’s windy, wet, wear-your-wellies weather, a few days later flip flop wear is totally justified. Don´t get me wrong, flip flop weather in November is fan-fucking-tastic. I just wish there was a bit more consistency to it, ´cause since leaving London Town I got a tad out of touch with mercurial weather patterns.

I was just reminded that tonight is Guy Fawkes night. In case you´re not British, haven´t lived in the UK or haven´t seen the film V for Vendetta, on 5 November bonfires are lit across the UK to celebrate the failing of the gun powder plot, which was a conspiracy to kill King James I. The gun powder plot was very much set in a religious context as the conspirators were all catholics, who wanted to get rid of the protestant  king and replace him with a catholic head of state. Although the celebration of Bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night, named after the member of the plot who was arrested while guarding  the explosives to kill the king, has lost much of its religious context, I´m not much into tribalism, religious or otherwise. And although I do like a good bonfire, as a republican I´m not quite sure why it’s jolly to celebrate we still have to deal with an entity like the monarchy in the 21st century. But who cares about that. The bonfires are just too pretty and tradition can be very soothing.

On a different note, I´m also quite desperate to get away, as with the arrival of the new season I´ve started suffering from island fever. I´m planning a massive winter escape to the Americas from January till May ,which is to keep me going.

Meanwhile man bites dog, ISIS keeps on spreading manufactured terror and former hero Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to a rather meagre 5 years for killing a person with dum dum bullets -those ones that explode upon impact- through a locked door. He is likely to only serve half of it. They call it justice. The prosecution is to appeal the verdict. I´m not saying that the judge has not been thorough in her ruling, it just seems that so-called justice has little to do with justice and the more with playing a game according to certain rules.

At the same time UK Prime Minister David Cameron continues to make an absolute twat of himself. I know by now that political leaders are not supposed to have a vision for our benefit, but at least they could pretend to make their form of showbiz look good, but helas. While Cameron is by no means a Eurosceptic he pretends he is, because that seems popular at the moment with the Eurosceptic UK Indepence Party, UKIP, on the rise in the polls and all that. He is trying really hard, or so we are to believe, to renegotiate the terms of EU membership. And in case you hadn’t heard, he is making a right mess out of it. As a EU citizen in London Town I was obviously very keen for the UK to remain a member state of the EU. Now, I ain´t too bothered. Not only because I escaped the meteorological and economic gloominess of the British Isles, but also because I think there is very little chance of the UK actually leaving the European Project. It´s not because I’m convinced a majority would vote to remain in. It´s because the ´powers that be´ wouldn’t have it, so it won´t be happening. In corporate sectors there is too much at stake. The markets don’t like radical change. Will London remain to be the financial power house if it’s no longer part of the EU?

First we have to see if the nations will actually get their referendum on EU membership as promised. Politicians have an abysmall record when it comes to keeping promises, so when twat Cameron is indeed voted back into power, if he´ll still be leader of the Conservatives, but that is another issue, it´s very likely he will forget all about any sort of plebiscite. Even if there will be referendum, I’m sure the establishment, which includes mainstream media, will go on a scaremongering campaign to deter the electorate from voting ‘out’. If that will not lead to the desired result, some irregularities will take place. I mean, what do we, the sheeple, know, about how free and fair our elections are. There is too much at stake for the elite forces for any member-country to leave the EU. If the UK leaves, which countries would follow?

I do hope I’m wrong about this and that the British people will be granted an EU exit if a majority were to vote in favour of it. I’ve just come rather cynical when it comes to democratic processes and the idea that the media are some sort of independent watchdog of democracy. It’s all bollocks, you see. I´m by no means less interested in the news and current affairs. It just instead of giving a Dark Fairy analysis of what I thought was genuine activity has just become analysis of the same issues through a different prism. And although the view might be darker, I’ve got the feeling a see a lot more clearly now.

And a belated Happy New Year to you all.



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