Anti-Fear Summer Times

Ms Rosa Parks

Fear-Defying Ms. Rosa Park

I don’t believe in biblical prophecies, but with all the terror events (reported on) in this world, it seems the End Times have come. June, the month that is to bring us summer, was a tough one with the passing of Muhammed Ali, terror attacks around the world and a Brexit vote that took everyone, friend and foe, by surprise. A few months ago I said that the Brexit camp didn’t have a change in hell, because the powers that be want the UK to be part of the EU, just as Scotland is not allowed to go for it alone. I was wrong and that to my pleasant surprise.

The Shock of the Brexit Vote

The referendum gave me a clear insight in how pro-European my friends in the UK are. I am sure they had been indoctrinated, like me, in their younger days. After the surprise result the scaremongering began. Apparently pound sterling was at a record low- which was not true: If you took any online currency calculator on 25 June it would’ve told you that the pound had only fallen slightly against the dollar and had gained slightly against the euro- and according to the papers the sky was to fall on our heads now the British people had voted ‘out’ by a narrow margin. The losers started petitions to make the result of the referendum non-valid and thousands hit the street to protest against the result, which was widely covered by mainstream media unlike many other protests directly aimed at the government. Imagine it was the other way round; the Remainers had won by a narrow margin and the Brexiters had protested against the result. They would have been painted as bad losers, besides being bigots and racists, wouldn’t they.

To be quite frank, I love this political bomb. Everything that shakes up the corrupt status quo is good and, no, I’m not calling for an uprising or revolution. Massive change would be great, though.

Fear and Loathing on the Earthly Plane

The vast majority of the deadly attacks of last month took place in the Arab and Islamic world and got very little attention from Western media. Notable attacks on ‘Western soil’ took place in Orlando, Florida and Yorkshire, England, where Labour MP Jo Cox got stabbed to death by a deranged man. The perpetrator was white and British, which doesn’t quite fit the muslim/ arab flag a ‘terrorist’ is a supposed to carry, so the man was called a right-wing bigot instead. The murder was still politicised and milked by the Remain camp, to no avail. I immediately had to think how similar this was to the murder of Anna Lindh. She was a Swedish social-democrat politician and at the time foreign minister set to become prime minister. She too was killed by a deranged man in September 2003, days before Sweden was to vote whether to accept the euro or keep the krone. Both Cox and Lindh were very outspoken proponents of the EU and both their murders have been politicised, yet not creating the desired result (Sweden accepting the Euro and the UK voting to remain part of the EU).

The mainstream media and other conventional channels of information don’t tell you like it is. They tell you what to think and they want you to be scared. ‘Cause if you are scared you want Superman- or fill any superhero- in the form of the state, the EU or NATO to come and save you. But to do that, they need to take your liberties away one by one. You are so freaking scared, however, you just cry “do whatever the fuck you want, just protect me from the boogie man!”. And then they are taking those liberties away, yet the next terrorist attack is just around the corner, so you lost (some of) your liberties not feeling remotely safer. Remember when it all started in this century? There was 9/11 in the US, 11-M in Spain, 7/7 in London and dozens if not hundreds of other attacks across the world. They freaked us out, we demanded our governments to act. They did, yet we are by no means safer now. So maybe we shouldn’t fall for that scaremongering bollocks any longer.

Not after the attacks in Nice – how the fuck is a truck allowed to enter those promenades by the police anyway? And how convenient the perpetrator left his ID with grainy picture in the vehicle, as you do, like all the other deadly terrorists- and not after a failed coup in Turkey- instigated by who exactly?

Now the UK has a new prime minister after a tiny, yet decisive motherhood row and the quickest non-campaign ever. Now (some) people are demanding a general election, as the prime minister hasn’t been elected by the people. Very few of those people seem to give a shit that the head of state is unelected and will be after the country has taken its ‘sovereignty’ back from the EU’.

The Summer of Love (No Fear)

I’m sick of this shit. Not only because of the death and destruction, but also because of the great deception, scaremongering and taking me for a fool. Our ‘masters’ are not only in government. They are in the media and other sectors of the corporate world too. They don’t give shit about us, so why would we believe a word these evil bastards have to say. Especially if all they want is to keep us scared, obedient and ignorant? It’s time for another summer of love; no fear!


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