To be in the Zone or not, that in essence is the question.

Dark Fairy Adventures is a free-spirited Writing Soul, who floats and crash-lands in and out of the Zone. Born and raised in a provincial town in the Netherlands to an African father and a mother from South America, she has always been used to being the odd one out. To be able to celebrate this took her some time, but now she lets her freak flag fly (occasionally). She moved to London quite a while ago and has called- and still calls- the City of Cities her home.

After having a stab at pursuing an international acting career she decided to do something completely different, to regain and retain her sanity, and started a degree course Arabic and International Relations. She spent a year in Alexandria, Egypt to get to grips with Arabic and Arab culture.

After graduating and a couple of years of whining about the weather and other frustrations, she made the move to Malta for some more sun, adventure and language geekiness. After a few years of Rock-living she is now living the nomadic, location-independent lifestyle. Come journey with Dark Fairy in and out of the zone, leading you from ‘digital- nomadic’ life and lifestyle choices to all sorts of other bollocks.


image: L Lunter


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  1. Dear Lemba, lovely reading about you and your contemplations. As a world citizen (S.Africa & Colombia), free-spirited woman myself, living in Malta (also born in NL), I would love to get in touch with you! Sent you an email through ‘’ but no reply. My details below :-).

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